Jealous Julie

I have always said that to be a member of the Liberal party, it must be a pre-requisite for one to take nasty, vicious pills.

If so, Julie Bishop has obviously overdosed.

I have also said that Ms Bishop the younger, is the most nasty, vicious woman in Parliament. Her spiteful cat calling across the Chamber during Question Time is legendary and extremely unbecoming of a fellow woman Parliamentarian.

I thought Ms Mirabella was bad enough but Ms Bishop trumps even her.

Now we have Ms Bishop’s recent interview in the Tasmanian newspaper, The Examiner, as absolute proof that her spitefulness and jealousy has now reached a new low.

Kicking someone when they’re down.


Taking a page out Abbott’s book maybe.


Ms Bishop, in her interview with the Gazette, has sought to blame the victim of Abbott’s vile, aggressive, bullying, seditious attacks during the three years of the hung parliament.


Quote:  “She had the most powerful position in the country. She was the most powerful elected representative in Australia and yet she chose to play a victim instead of face up to her own incompetence and misjudgments and miscalculations.”

Oh Ms Bishop – how very wrong you are – and how dare you try to turn yours and Tony Abbott’s constant vile, vicious verbal and visual attacks on Ms Gillard as her fault.

You, Ms Bishop are no shining light yourself.

Let me remind people of the sort of woman you are.


In the 1980s, working under her married name Julie Gillon, Bishop was deeply involved in some of Slater & Gordon’s biggest asbestos cases.

Lawyer Peter Gordon told Australian Doctor magazine in 2007: “We had to fight even for the right of dying cancer victims to get a speedy trial. I recall sitting in the WA Supreme Court in an interlocutory hearing for the test cases involving Wittenoom miners Mr. Peter Heys and Mr. Tim Barrow. CSR was represented by Ms. Julie Bishop (then Julie Gillon). (She) was rhetorically asking the court why workers should be entitled to jump court queues just because they were dying.”



You, Ms Bishop, sort to deny workers dying of workplace asbestos disease, a quick resolution to their court case. What a low act.

Ms Bishop has also sat back, smirked or glared with her infamous death stare, without once offering a comment of disgust at her Liberal Party colleagues appalling sexist attacks on Ms Gillard, nor or a sisterhood word of support.

Bill Heffernan’s “deliberately barren” comment of Ms Gillard “won” the 2007 most sexist comment award. Something LNP MP’s are no doubt very proud of.


(Ms Bishop herself has no children, lives with her partner, Peter Nattrass, himself a notorious former Mayor of Perth.)

David Farley, CEO Australia Agriculture Company and LNP supporter, referred to Ms Gillard as “an unproductive old cow”


Abbott himself, with his deliberate sly comment re the Labor Government reducing the baby bonus “I think if the Government was a bit more experienced in this area, they wouldn’t come out with glib lines like that.”

Grahame Morris, former Chief Adviser to John Howard said, “Prime Minster Julia Gillard should be kicked to death”


Steve Ciobo, LNP Gold Coast MP for Moncrieff, said of Gillard “Labor MP’s want to “slit her throat”.


Tony Abbott, Sophie Mirabella, Bronwyn Bishop, Indigenous WA MP Ken Wyatt, the young and impressionable National Party MP Wyatt Roy and other LNP MP’s also proudly stood in front of “Ditch the Witch” and “Bob Brown’s bitch “ signs.


Where was Ms Bishop after these loathsome comments and photos were made public? Was she out there describing this vile, sexist behaviour as totally unacceptable?



Her silence only indicated her complicity in agreeing with these ugly, gutter, sexist tactics.

This is a woman whose loyalty gene has been stretched beyond belief – almost like an old pair of undies of which the elastic has well and truly gone and they are now falling down around her ankles. Firstly, runner up to Brendan Nelson. Then Malcolm Turnbull. Now Tony Abbott.  Every time the LNP has stabbed another leader in the back, there was Nurse Bishop pulling out the knife, patching up the wound of the man she had just declared her undying loyalty to – at the same time giving a wink and a nudge and declaring her new found love and loyalty to the next conservative white male in a blue tie.

Ms Bishop can switch her dysfunctional, erratic loyalty on and off like a light switch.

But, regardless, she will always be the LNP bridesmaid.

For as much as she would have dearly loved it, Julie Bishop will NEVER, EVER be Australia’s FIRST female Prime Minister. Nor, will she ever be the second or the third female Prime Minister.

She is also hardly likely to even be Australia’s first female ACTING Prime Minister because under the dodgy Coalition minority Government arrangements, that mantle goes to the Leader of National Party (and God forbid if Barnaby Joyce wins New England he could well be Acting PM whilst Abbott flits off overseas for all those meetings he once said Labor PM’s should never take.)

Julia Gillard also delivered for the Australian people two of the most progressive reforms in our political history – Better Schools reform, Disability Care reform… things that you Ms Bishop, would probably never even have thought of let alone deliver.

So, Ms Bishop, you are in no position to critisise Julia Gillard.

Because Julia Gillard will always have the title that you so desperately craved and are now so insanely jealous of.

Australia’s FIRST female Prime Minister.

Give that one the death stare Ms Bishop. Still wont change anything. You will still and always be – the second hand, constantly recycled bridesmaid of the LNP.

…and by the way Ms Bishop (to borrow from USA Democrat Senator LLoyd Bentson 1988)

“You are no Julia Gillard.”



Margie Abbott’s dummy spit


So Mrs Abbott – “Margie” – you seem to be a tad upset at the so-called “personal” attacks on your husband?

 Well boo bloody boo hoo.  Bring out the teeny weeny violins.

For the past two years, Labor and swinging voters (and no doubt many soft “L” Liberals) both women and men, have had to put up with the relentless, nasty, vicious and very ugly attacks on our Prime Minister that your husband has ignited and angrily fanned because of his petulant, spoilt brat, right to rule dummy spit he has raged ferociously with since 2010 because the Independents didn’t give him the nod to be PM.

Ever since your husband failed to convince the Independents he would be a man of his word, a decent Prime Minister and that he would be prepared to do everything they wanted (except of course ‘selling his arse”), he has set about wrecking the place, with his constant negativity, talking down the economy, his “No” “No” “No” to every forward thinking policy Labor has implemented – and have been passed regardless of your husbands tantrums.

 You, like us, must have seen him proudly stand in front of the ugliest, most brutal placards ever displayed about any Prime Minister. As a fellow woman surely you must have been disgusted. Then again Browyn Bishop and Sophie Mirabella weren’t so maybe it’s a Liberal thing that you weren’t either? Anyway, I digress.  Regardless, did we hear you publicly decry his stance in support of those placards? No, “Margie”, we didn’t. If you privately berated him – we’d like to know – as until such times as you tell us whether you did or not – we can only assume the obvious – that you must have wholeheartedly agreed with and supported his actions just as Bishop and Mirabella did.

 I am sure if he ever does get to be PM (which I very much doubt) – he will only bring his extreme right Catholicism down on every woman in this country. And that’s a very frightening thought.

 Your husband, along with his bunch of feral shadow ministers and many on his backbench, have turned the political discourse in this country into the obnoxious, wretched, ugliness it is today.

 Are you proud of him? I’m sure you are. You must be, because you have now come out and said what a wonderful, loving, decent man he is! To say that – you must agree with everything he says and does! Otherwise you would have the courage to say there are some things you don’t agree with him on.

 But no.

 You just heap praise on him as if he can do no wrong.

 Quite frankly it disgusts me.

 If he were my husband (not that he ever would be – perish the thought!) I would most certainly tell him when he has gone to far. As a woman I wouldn’t tolerate my man degrading any woman, let alone the Prime Minister.

 But then, I’m not subservient (not that I’m saying you are) to any man and I will put them in their place if I think they have over stepped the mark with grubby comments. But that’s just me. (…and no doubt millions of other Australian women)

 Obviously, you don’t have that fortitude. If you do, I’d like to hear it.

 Honestly! I would.

 Your husband thinks nothing of degrading not only the Office of the Prime Minister but the Prime Minister herself.

 He just can’t handle a woman getting the better of him can he? 

 His vicious verbal attacks on the PM and physical attacks on women like Barbara Ramjin prove it – he hasn’t changed in all these years no matter how hard you try to convince us.

 He may love you and the girls and his mother – and Peta Credlin – but that’s where his affinity with women ends.

 So get over yourself Margie Abbott.

 Suck it up princess!

 Your husband is one of the most vicious Opposition leaders in this countries history, and as he would say “Its just politics!”

 It’s about time the decent women and men of this nation fought back against your husbands’ ugly persona.


If you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen!

 If Tony will let you that is.

Abbotts Utopia


….an Australia beholden to his deeply religious Catholic beliefs.

Having read David Marr’s expose on Tony Abbott I am convinced more than ever that Abbott’s almost fanatical obsession to be PM is to turn this country into a Catholic version of Islamic fundamentalism. Anyone who lauds and worships Bob Santamaria is someone who must be feared and loathed by every sane thinking person in this country.

Marr relates Abbott’s deeply held belief in Catholicism, which in turn has festered his paranoid loathing of gay people and people who don’t agree with him; his aggressive bullying attitude toward women (no matter when it happened) and his fear and hatred of of anyone different to his white Australia paradise (refugees). It indicates a man who has deep seeded personal problems and whose view of the world is one in which progressive policies hold no place. His extreme right wing philosophy is absolutely frightening.

Not once in this current furore regarding his personal sins of the past has Abbott come out and said “I abhor any sort of violence towards women.” He has been far too busy defending himself saying “I cant recall it happening” and a week later “It didn’t happen”– all in all lying to cover his arse but not once thinking of having the decency to publicly deplore the sin he is accused of perpetrating.

That’s because it is all about him.

As Marr writes, Abbott thinks he can just go to the Confessional, confess his sins, say three Hail Marys and all is forgiven. I may not be God but I sure as hell wont forgive him – as I am sure thousands of Australian women wont either.

Male journalists ­– some predictably – have come to his defence. Greg Sheridan in an extraordinary rant on ABC news radio and Tony Wright of Fairfax merely calling him “a dill”.

Yes Tony Wright…men who threateningly intimidate, punch walls beside a woman’s head, pathetically ridicules her chosen words for which to be addressed as a Chair of a committee, daily uses “warlike” words in order to press his political argument, happily stands in front of vile vicious placards regarding the Prime Minister is only a “dill”.

I would call him a thug.

Sheridan ranted like a main possessed about Labor daring to question Abbott’s honesty and challenging him to explain himself but gleefully joining in with the Liberals and other mainstream media in the aggressive hounding of the Prime Minister when it came for her to explain supposed past impropriety.

Gillard had the strength and moral fortitude to front a packed media conference for an hour or so and allowed the press to ask the hardest questions they wanted of her. She answered every one of them with credible explanations for everything that had occurred during that heady time as a lawyer with Slater and Gordon. She held nothing back.

Abbott though – hid from the media for a week – never showed his face then finally went on a frilly morning tv show – where he knew he wouldn’t get the “hard” questioning – to deny his punching of the wall beside the head of Barbara Ramjin ever happened. Bullshit.

I, on behalf of every thinking woman – and man – in the nation, call on Abbott to front his moment of truth in an hour long press conference allowing journalists to ask him every “hard” question they can think of  – although knowing some male journo’s I doubt that will happen – they will pussy foot around the issue like the sychopantic fellow misogynists they are. I would hope though that every female journalist including Michelle Grattan will come out firing on all cylinders in defence of their fellow sisters. I’d like to see that.

In not doing so will only reinforce that they all see threatening intimidating behavior toward women as “trivial”.

If Abbott won’t or can’t do this then I call on him to resign. Not just as Opposition leader but as a Member of Parliament for as far as I am concerned there is no place in Parliament for an aggressive, bullying, dummy spitting misogynist who seeks power for powers sake and who wants to take this nation into the depths of extreme religious Catholicism where women are second class citizens, where people cannot make their own choices about how the live, love and die and where we become not the 51st State of the USA but an enclave of the Vatican. That is Abbott’s utopia.

He must explain himself to the Australian people.

If he doesn’t we will all be left to believe what 85% of the population already believe.


If it looks like a thug, walks like a thug…it’s a thug.

Time to wake up Australia – you are being brainwashed!

My father used to say “if tell someone long enough that they are an idiot they will believe they are.” (He was condemning those parents who spoke to their children in such a manner)

 You have probably notice over the past two years, and you would have to have been living under a mushroom not to notice, the repetitive slogans and words such as “liar” and “lie” that Abbott et al have repeated ad nauseam in every single Question Time, Parliamentary debate, door stop, tv/radio interview and every press release.

 Of course it is quite deliberate.

 But not only that, it is designed.

 Conservative think tanks in America have been working on linguistic programming based on neuroscience for the past 40 years in order to “frame” specific wording into their political narrative. In order to brainwash you.

 And oh how successful they have been.

 Conservatives around the world are working off the same doctrine that they have devised over the years through their think tanks in USA such as the Heritage Foundation, the Olin Institute at Harvard and other institutions. These think tanks have been funded by wealthy right wing conservatives for many, many years in order to set their agenda and in order to convince the people to vote for them even if it is against their interests.

 These extremely wealthy American conservative think tanks (the equivalent here in Australia is the IPA (Institute of Public Affairs) have also devised political narrative that all conservatives are using around the world.

 Abbott et al including their cheer squads MSM and shock jocks have consistently many times a day, every single day for the past two years called the PM a “liar”, that she “lied to the people of Australia” and in doing so have effectively brainwashed thousands in the public into believing it.

 You only have to look at the polls to see how effective their brainwashing has been.

 You can be conned by them simply using a change of word.

 For example: In order to get the public to vote for tax “cuts” for the wealthy, George W Bush changed one word. “Cuts” to “relief”. Tax relief. Which with other ‘framing’ of their wording convinced the people that they were actually helping to “relieve” the wealthy of a terrible tax burden…for to be relief there must be an “affliction”…and the person who takes it away is a hero.

 Radical Conservatives around the world are also mimicking identical comments to their constituents.

 I particularly noticed this when comments Abbott made in China were put to air and not long after comments Romney made in America on China were aired. They were almost identical! I couldn’t believe it and remarked on this on my Facebook page.

 A former Labor MP replied that this is a doctrine the radcons (Radical Conservatives) around the world are following and directed me to a book written by George Lakoff  “Don’t think of an Elephant.”  This little book explains exactly what the Radical Conservatives of the world are doing and how they have manipulated the people into voting for them.

 I downloaded this book via Google books for $6.00 and read all 140+ pages in one sitting. It helps when the weather is cold and wet and one is miserable with the flu! Plus it’s a great read and insight into how the people are being conned by Conservatives who claim to have the peoples best interests at heart but are actually brainwashing them with designed “framing” of words simply to get up their extreme right wing agenda.

 When you read this little book you will clearly identify that what Lakoff is explaining is EXACTLY what Abbott et al and his conservative shock jock followers are doing.

 And its frightening.

 E.g: Recently on Twitter “tweets” appeared decrying Abbott’s return to “Howards Golden Age”.  Within minutes nearly every left wing Tweeter had, in condemning the slogan, repeated it. Therefore subliminally reinforcing it. That’s exactly what they want you to do.

And as Lakoff says, we on the Left, or Progressives as he calls us, have fallen for it hook line and sinker.

 Think how many times you yourself, have repeated the words “Great Big New Tax” or “Stop the Boats” in tweets or Facebook posts or in everyday discussion when critisising Abbott.

 You are doing exactly what they want you to do.

 The mainstream media are also complicit in this tactic. They know very well they don’t have to use right wing tactics but every day journalists from all mediums including the ABC are repeating the right wing mantra therefore reinforcing their agenda.

 Prior to becoming aware of this book I had thought about this often­ – even challenging journalists to change their wording e.g from “PM backflips” to “PM compromises”. Its all in the wording and the journalists know exactly what they are doing,

 If you repeat certain words and slogans over and over again it eventually makes the language normal.

 In deeply extreme religious groups around the world like extreme Christians in the USA (eg Paul Ryan) and extreme Islamic fundamentalists it is all but impossible to change those minds. They are deeply indoctrinated with fundamentalist beliefs that they have come to believe as the absolute truth. This is has been done by those doing the indoctrination repeatedly reinforcing the right ‘framing’ of words.

 This is what Abbott has done. “You tell someone long enough that they are an idiot, they will believe it.” You tell someone long enough that someone is a liar they will believe it”.

 Abbott’s agenda since loosing to Gillard in 2010 was always to bring down a sitting Government. He has tried it with the biggest fear campaigns in modern Australian politics. He has parodied his “Father figure mentor” Howard with his fear campaign against refugees. He has mouthed off every opportunity with his fear campaign on the carbon price.

 Abbott, like his mentor before him, has divided the country with his constant mantras on refugees and this has worked. To the point where the Labor Government had no alternative but to implement a refugee policy that had they had power in both houses they would never have done.

 They tried their darnedest to bring down the Government by pursuing Craig Thomson then Peter Slipper.

 And when that doesn’t work they drag up events of 20 years ago (that didn’t happen) in order to further denigrate the PM in the eyes of the public.

 But his consistent parroting, scaremongering and blatant lying over these issues in order to bring the Government down so far haven’t worked. That’s why Abbott said of the PM “she just wont lay down and die.”

 Extreme ring wing ideologues need to divide a country. They need discord, shouting, vicious name-calling and put downs.

 Recently, five Tory backbenchers launched an astonishing attack by branding Britons among “the worst idlers in the world”.

 Mark my words, it will be part of their agenda to divide the country in order to get support to reduce social welfare in Britain as they fully intend to do and would have done by now had they not been in coalition with Liberal Democrats.

 But we have woken up. Maybe slowly but now we know that they will do anything to brainwash you.

 I was gobsmacked by this book “Don’t think of an Elephant”

 It put into words everything I have been thinking.

 It is a valuable insight into the twisted, warped minds of the radical conservatives of this world and what lengths they have and will go to brainwash you into voting for them.

 But we “progressives’ can take back the public discourse.

 We MUST take back the public discourse.

 Stop repeating their slogans and lies every time you tweet, Facebook, comment on a blog or open your mouth in every day discussion.

 Challenge, as Lakoff suggests in his “How to respond to conservatives” , those who willingly follow like sheep the verbal outrages and lies Abbott et al make on a daily basis.

 Through out this article I have quoted consistently from George Lakoff’s book, taking a sentence here and a sentence there. With all due respect to George…it is because I couldn’t not have said it better myself and your words said it perfectly.

I urge everyone to buy for a mere $6 on Google Books “ Don’t think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff and encourage all your progressive thinking friends to do so too.

And then put into action all he suggests.