Make a graceful exit, PM, while you still can

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There are still battles to be fought

I’ve been a little busy elsewhere but haven’t stopped counting down.

In total, Victoria’s public health sector has lost $723 million in the two years since Premier Baillieu took office; 85% of the funding cuts have been initiated by his government – not that you’d know that from the media coverage, government releases, or from the responses of many hospitals.

As the Federal and State governments continue to bicker, despite calls for compromise, it’s our patients who will suffer, and our already pressured staff who will feel the strain.

What do funding cuts mean? Here, off the top of my head and informed by both current practice and my memories of the Kennett years, are a couple of things that have been or will be implemented in hospitals across the state:

  • Elective lists, already at 7000, get longer;
  • inpatients have to wait for surgery – like the elderly mother…

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Reflections on the Sadness of Newtown Connecticut USA

I don’t think I have ever shed so many tears.

The tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, USA just so hurts the heart.

For reasons I cannot define, I feel, like no doubt many others do, an extreme amount of grief when I hear of a child dying. But I have friends and know others, who will express shock and horror at a tragedy, but they don’t seem as deeply affected as I feel. I feel almost traumatized, helpless and an overwhelming sorrow. I will openly weep for ages.

Because I cannot comprehend what drives someone to murder an innocent little child.

I remember sitting in the public forum at Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne in 1990, a forum to lobby for changes to the law which was held after the brutal murder of 2 year old Daniel Valerio by his step-father Paul Aitken.

I can still see in my minds eye the photo of that dear little boy taken to show his bruises…but there he was, still with a tiny little smile on his face. It too, was heart-breaking.

As a result of Daniel’s death, the mandatory reporting law was passed in 1993.

I also remember sitting in a restaurant with one of my daughters in 2001, talking about my overwhelming sadness of a little Iraqi boy who had been brutally injured in the futile war that savaged that country and in which many innocent civilians died.

I just wanted to get on plane, fly over there and bring that little boy back to Australia so that he could get the best treatment in the world to repair the loss of his arms and legs blown off by a Coalition of the willing bomb.

And there is Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newton Connecticut.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain the parents and families of the little children and families of the teachers must be enduring.

To lose a child must be the most painful experience a parent can endure.

But to lose one so tragically through a senseless act of violence – would be more than one can bear.

I began thinking about those poor parents this morning.

I hope that they had sent each one of those dear little kids off to school with a kiss goodbye, and “I love you”, “have a good day!”

We all know what its like to hurry kids along to get ready for school, how they test are patience at times and I pray that not one of those parents sent their child to school with any semblance of anger or annoyance still simmering.

When a brutal act like this becomes news, and we react with shock and horror and inconsolable sadness, it does make one look back on ones own parenting.

Did we do a good enough job of raising our own kids?

Were we kind enough, gentle enough…did we love enough?

I know there were times when I certainly didn’t do a very good job.

In 1980, I came out of 7 years of domestic violence with 3 little children under 5.

There were the times when I was not a good parent.

We moved often as I followed my dream, my work, my desires – dragging my 3 children with me.

My children always had good food, lovely clothes, good schooling, more often than not lots and lots of love, but so often not good parenting.

There were times during those years when I allowed my personal and financial struggle, my frustration, my hurt, my unfulfilled ambition to taint my parenting.

To my now adult children, I can say – I am sorry for the times I was less kind, less caring, less gentle and less loving than I should have been.

By the grace of God you have all grown into beautiful, successful adults.

You have all had your own struggles but you have taught me so much about how to improve my ethics, not to use hurtful, harmful words, to allow you to be the adults you want to be.

You have taught me how to be a better person.

Sadly, the parents of Daniel Valerio and now 20 little 5 and 6 years in Newtown, Connecticut, will never have the opportunity to say that to the adults those precious little ones would have become.

You must hold your children close, love them, use kind words and gentleness to guide them through their lives because the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary has proven that you can have your children one minute and then they are gone the next. 

We can only hope that President Barack Obama has the strength, the will and the support from all members of Congress and the Senate to stop the insane madness that occurs in America far to often from ever happening again.

To all the parents who have tragically lost a child, especially those in Newton Connecticut I say this:

On the Wings of Love:

On the wings of love a beautiful soul has departed this world leaving behind a myriad of precious memories for loved ones to explore in times of reminiscence.

There will be moments when a sound, a glimpse, a note will softly caress the corner of your mind and a beautiful memory that has been peacefully sleeping there, will gently awaken and as it blossoms, the secret that will make you glow within will remind you that the wonder and magic of knowing that you were blessed to have known, touched, held and loved that beautiful soul here on earth is yours to treasure forever.


On The Wings Of Love

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Denise Allen

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Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing – especially one bearing gifts…

Bob Ellis is right.


All MSM can gloat about is the fact that the LNP and Ashby had “succeeded”. Gloating about the fact that they have not only ruined a man’s career but that they have destroyed the mans “character”. Even though the LNP themselves for 19 long years and through many pre-selections knew that Peter Slipper had at times less than admirable thoughts and desires, they still stood by their man.

Abbott happily attended Slippers wedding…unless he just went along for the free feed and drink. Damn long way to fly for a free feed. And why would you bother to attend the wedding of someone you despise as much as Abbott has proved over the past few months he despises Slipper. Did he once believe in the “character” of a man?

(I’m even more curious to know what Abbott gave Slipper as a wedding present. Hmmmm)

But whether a man has less than admirable thoughts does not make that person any less able to do a job. All of Parliament – including the LNP – has said that Slipper was one of the better Speakers to sit in the Speakers chair.

Abbott’s “character” however, in his actions over the past two and half years is wide open for all to see. He is a man who will destroy anything and anybody to steal the Prime Ministership.

He is like Gollum salivating after the ring.

 “Its MY precious…especially not that woman’s”

Abbott brazenly calls for an inquiry into the 20 year old AWU issue – an issue where no one in the LNP or mainstream media has been able to produce any evidence the Prime Minister has done anything wrong – but when an inquiry is suggested to get to the bottom of the Ashby/Slipper affair and the extent of the LNP involvement – an issue where a Federal Court Judge no less has brought down damning findings against Ashby and members of the LNP – Abbott calls it a witch hunt!

The gall of the man.

But his gall shows absolutely no bounds.

When asked about when he personally knew about the Ashby allegations, Abbott, barefaced as it comes, looked Australia in the eye and said “When everyone else knew. When I read it about it on Saturday morning.”

Now, thanks to the brilliant analysis of IT expert Kieran Cummings, we now know Abbott did in fact lie about that.


Kieran has proved, by analyzing met-data from Abbott’s APH email stream, that in fact Abbott’s media release in response to the Ashby allegations was in fact written the night before.

Proving Abbott did know.

So, what we have here is either a very incompetent or stupid political party.

Or both.


Julie Bishop doesn’t know who she is talking to on the other end of a phone. She can’t recall Ashby calling her office for “advice”. Joe Hockey can’t remember meeting Ashby and Brough. Christopher Pyne cant recall sending emails requesting Ashby’s phone number and personal email. Mal Brough said he didn’t meet with Ashby, then he said he did just once, then twice, then three times. Abbott says he had “no specific knowledge.”

Texts and knowledge of meetings prove that these Liberals are in this mirky, quagmire of conspiracy right up to their rotten lying mouths.

And the mainstream media knows it.

It is clear that from Judge Rares findings that this scandalous case was deliberately conceived in an atmosphere of power hungry revenge, spite and ambition in order to not only discredit Peter Slipper and have him removed as Speaker, but to bring down the Labor Government.

Anywhere else in the world this is akin to sedition.

In Australia it’s called the “LNP Right to Rule”.

But do you think mainstream media want YOU, the ordinary Australian voter, to know that these conniving, manipulating, power hungry Gollums, were collaborating to do this?

Not on your sweet Nellie.

By refusing to acknowledge this seditious act, mainstream media have made themselves willingly complicit in this attempt to bring down the Labor Government.

It is extremely troubling for this country, that the main stream media simply refuse to investigate this issue ­– that they will not bother to delve deep into the LNP trail of who knew what and when and tell the Australian people the truth.

Australia stands proud on its moral and ethical attitudes in so often condemning third world countries for their corruption and sedition. We refuse to acknowledge democratically elected Government’s e.g Palestine (because Hamas is considered by the West to be a terrorist organization) and remove our Ambassadors and funding from countries where an Opposition has attempted to or overthrown a Government (e.g. Fiji).

But when it happens here in Australia, for some inexplicable reason, our mainstream media turn a blind eye. One can only assume it is to protect the LNP. I have asked this question before and it still defies explanation as to what it is about the LNP for mainstream media to so desperately want them to be the Government.

Yes we have a minority Government. But its a Government with profoundly progressive policies, an economy the envy of the world, low unemployment and low interest rates. An economy praised by other world leaders and world monetary organisations.

But mainstream media wont tell you that.

They’ll tell you Abbott is at a fish market, hardware store or fruit shop, that his “driving” a truck down the Pacific Highway (he wasn’t driving) to highlight the state of the road. A highway Labor has spent $4.1B on since coming to Government. But mainstream media didn’t tell you that. (Abbott obviously had a smooth ride along the newly fixed highway as we haven’t seen a front page headline in mainstream media with Abbott decrying the state of the road).

They’ll tell you every. single. time Abbott dons a safety jacket (I’m sure he sleeps in it) but they wont tell you that the Government has passed legislation to bring into being two of the most progressive policies since Whitlam’s Medicare, Gonski and the NDIS.

They will plaster their front pages with derogatory photos of Thomson and Slipper but place the extremely damaging findings of a highly respected Federal Court judge re the Ashby affair way back on page 17.

It’s almost criminal in itself.

I also have to question the timing of Abbott’s current overseas excursion.

How very convenient Abbott just happened to fly out of the country on the day Judge Rares brought down his findings.

One would have thought Abbott to be waiting outside the Federal Court with baited breath for the result.

Always first with a media release or television interview (stunt) when it suits him to smear the Government, Abbott is conveniently on a flight to London.

I have no doubt Ashby’s legal team could see the writing on the wall ­­– informed Abbott – who then made convenient plans to be out of the country on December 12.

And then in a shameless display of “niceness” Abbott then just so happens to call in our troops in Afghanistan – a decent enough gesture – but low and behold he also came bearing Xmas gifts.

What a brazen use of our troops to influence the Australian public into thinking he is Mr. Nice Guy.

And once again, a willing sycophantic mainstream media beamed the footage back to Australia just in time to compete with the Judge’s findings to be the headline on prime time news.

How very bloody convenient.

Well Mr. Abbott – you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. (except rusted on extreme right wing voters).

Australia….Beware of a wolf in sheeps clothing – especially one bearing gifts.

It is shameful, scandalous and utterly senseless that mainstream media aren’t foraging around this issue like frenzied little squirrels gathering nuts for winter in order to bring the truth of the matter to the Australian people.

The Australian people need – but more importantly – deserve  –to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Anything less just makes us look like a corrupt third world country where truth and honour are utterly disregarded just so some power hungry bully can get his hands on the leadership.




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