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There are still battles to be fought

I’ve been a little busy elsewhere but haven’t stopped counting down.

In total, Victoria’s public health sector has lost $723 million in the two years since Premier Baillieu took office; 85% of the funding cuts have been initiated by his government – not that you’d know that from the media coverage, government releases, or from the responses of many hospitals.

As the Federal and State governments continue to bicker, despite calls for compromise, it’s our patients who will suffer, and our already pressured staff who will feel the strain.

What do funding cuts mean? Here, off the top of my head and informed by both current practice and my memories of the Kennett years, are a couple of things that have been or will be implemented in hospitals across the state:

  • Elective lists, already at 7000, get longer;
  • inpatients have to wait for surgery – like the elderly mother…

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